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CIS Responses

We are developing some suggestions about the sort of things that you can include in your all-important submissions to the CIS.  Please click on the CIS tab above (or the links in this post) and see the entries under it for some help in drafting your submissions.  Thanks!

Also see 4 Steps to Make your Submission and the East West Link CIS Wiki

Comprehensive Impact Statement

Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS)

Public Submission Timelines and Process


12 December 2013 – submissions must be received before 5pm.

14 January 2014 – CIS Assessment Committee preliminary hearing.

This allows people who have made submissions to clarify issues raised in their submissions or to raise any procedural or preliminary matter in relation to the Public Hearing.  It may be that the Committee will contact you to clarify matters in your submission. Continue reading Comprehensive Impact Statement