EVO Buyout

Residents Against the Tunnel (RATs) calls on the State Government to publish their new guidelines for compensation regarding residents impacted by the East West Link.

Similarly, we demand the Government release revised costing estimates for the project based on similar compensation to all impacted residents.

Similar buyouts offered in fairness and respect to all these impacted residents would reveal the real cost of this project that has so far been unacknowledged.

EVO apartment purchasers have voted almost unanimously with their wallets on whether the East West Link adds value to their investment. 

RATs would like to know whether the remaining residents in impacted areas are still being asked to bare significant cost of this project, in lost property value, on behalf on the rest of the rest of the community.

RATs send their best wishes to EVO investors and purchasers who have escaped the impossible burden that the Government has imposed through the brutalist design of the above-ground proposal as  presented by the Linking Melbourne Authority.

EVO purchasers lost a dream but we are losing our reality.

Residents Against the Tunnel
26th September 2013