Response to Sept. 11 Press Release

Dear Minister,

The Victorian Government has finally come to its senses and acted to offer three options for people purchasing apartments at the Evo development in Parkville West. It is clear that the proposed above-ground flyovers surrounding the Evo development will have disastrous impact on those purchasers in Parkville West.

The government rationalises its compensation action as a commitment to treating citizens affected by the East West Link project ‘fairly and with respect’ (Treasurer Michael O’Brien, Press Release, 11th September).

It is clear that the State Government has admitted the flyovers will be disastrous for the community in Parkville West and have found the financial resources to compensate these citizens.

Given this stance, we strongly question how the government can apply such warranted consideration to Evo purchasers but not other residents directly adjacent to the proposed works.

Why are the residents in Collingwood and Clifton Hill, who will directly abut the proposed flyovers, ramps, vent stacks and road widening, not consulted or compensated in the same way? Existing residents in Manningham Street, Parkville West, living directly beside the same proposed flyovers as the Evo development, have not had a similar offer, let alone a direct conversation with the relevant authorities about the devastating impact they will suffer.

Obviously some residents are more worthy of respect, compassion, fairness and ‘quality of life’ while others are not. It is simply astounding that such differentiation occurs all in the name of a project that is clearly flawed in its execution, design and validity.

Residents Against the Tunnel (RATs) committee members demand an urgent meeting with Senior Government Ministers and Linking Melbourne Authority’s Executive Management to discuss appropriate compensation for the severe impact of this project.

Thracy Vinga (Collingwood), Andrew Mcdougall (Clifton Hill), Frances Ilyine (Clifton Hill), Ande Bunbury (Clifton Hill), Christine Di Muccio (Parkville West)

c/o Residents Against the Tunnel (RATs)

PDF: Letter to Minister: September 12